SD Shrimp
1. SD Shrimp
2. Plain organism Natural food
3. High nutritional value
4. Quality product
Sun dried  shrimp

The shrimp is harvested from field swampland and is processed with multi-sterilization which avoid disease infection.
The product retains the natural taste of raw materials effectively and has good taste.
It makes fish grow healthily and improves the immunity against disease.
The product is formulated for fresh water fish, marine water fish and coldwater fish, Arowanas, flower horn, cichlids, dimsum .
2. Feeding guide
Daily feed 2-3 times, don't exceed the amount that fish will eat within five minutes.
Cleaning the overfeeding timely to avoid the water pollution.
3.Nutrition Analysis:
crude protein crude fat crude fiber crude ash other
63% 5% 12% 8% 12%


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